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How is your mum the best? My mum is the best because she’s 100% behind me on anything I do and she’s a wiz at anything hand crochet or hand knitted…so when I asked her to make something special for our new house, this is what appeared on my lounge and I love, love, love it!


So much so that I asked my mum to make a small batch range of her beautiful rose crochet cushions for Journier and she said yes, how lucky are we!


I’ve tried and tested it, it’s definitely the most squishy, soft and cuddly cushion I have ever had the pleasure of snuggling up to. It creates a beautiful boho edge to your home or it makes a great gift, give it to your mum (I wish I could!), your bubba, a co-worker or even as a unique teachers gift. Perfect for your cosy reading nook, lounge, bed or the nursery. Love it and enjoy from my mum and me!


This listing does include the cushion insert sewn in as we didn’t want to reduce it’s cuddle qualities by adding a hard zipper, but I am leaving postage as my standard rate for you because it’s worth it to me. The insert is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles saving them from landfill so we’re loving our earth too.

Circular Rose Hand Crochet Cushion

  • Hand made ethically in Australia (I assure you I look after my mum).


    Cotton/Acrylic yarn


    Dimensions: 40cm | 16in diameter


    Care Instructions: cotton and acrylic are very durable however as the cushion insert is sewn in it will be necessary to spot clean using a damp cloth with a mild detergent, allow to dry in the shade.